Getting started is the most difficult part of any new endeavor.  There is so much to do, and the energy to move forward is humungous.  This work is extremely special.  Extremely.  Although this work won’t represent the first of it’s kind, it still is outstandingly noteworthy.  An Institute.  An equity institute to bring honest equity in the live of Black and Brown males.  The problems that affect Black and Brown males are so large, it wouldn’t not take anything larger than a pebble, or grain of sand to hit it.   And one would only have to drop it out of their hand to hit it.  It is a looming figure that swirls with the mixtures of international wind channels.  The westerlies know of them well.  This institute doesn’t care whether they have a discourteous history, because is it very clear without injustice and discrimination as bedfellows, their historical footsteps would be exalted dynamic men of the earth.